A Laundry P.S.


I learned as a young girl that when I hung the clothes on the line, everyone left me alone! I loved the time to myself  with the bird songs, the breezes, the lovely clean smell of the clothes and how it looked when I was done. The order of well hung clothes blowing on the line gave me a feeling of pride in my work.

Some of my family always thought I was far too concerned with the way they were hung, and the order I put them in. I did have all the towels together, all the t-shirts, all the socks, etc. In the small picture this seems obssesive. What only becomes apparent when you follow the whole process is that as I took the clothes down and folded them, everything was already sorted, the socks could be balled and so they were ready to go in the drawer.

I kept this practice up as a Mother since it gave me a time outside alone, which I treasured above all else with five children at home. It also gave me a sense of order and beauty none of them would mess up. Looking at the neat rows of clothes drying on the line and smelling so good is a satisfaction I still smile over and remember all the way back to the time I was barely tall enough to reach the line, so I used a stool. Sweet memories indeed!



I marvel at how aware of your life you were and that you remember so many feelings. I can just picture this sweet little child who found something for herself in her chores rather than disliking them and hurrying to get them done. That is a common practice with the Amish where each thing that they did had no more importance than the next. Each task had a grace all its own and they never hurried to get to the next one.
I want to grow up again with you on the farm and visit the relatives in the Smokey Mountains.

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