Am I ‘soup’ yet?


Sometimes I get caught up in the notion that at my age, I’m supposed to be serene no matter what. I certainly by now should be able to field any mood – my own or others – without batting an eye (or so the internal line goes). Nope. Not yet. I¬†still need to learn how to think before I speak; I react badly to some things I hear; I guess I am still a ‘hot-head’ in certain ways and at certain times.

Bother and frustration!

Well, I can also stop sooner, claim it as my own, laugh at myself more quickly and more often, AND (mostly) remember how to pull my head out. I call it fine tuning. I also welcome the disruptions of radical discontinuity as well since it leads to upgrading another old program.

I DID think they would all be gone by now though….



Thank you for your Grandmotherly words. I am comforted to know that I am not the only one who has not grown to be serene and even keeled. My boat rocks. And I am grateful that my gratitude and humor are ever present.

Peace, Love and Understanding, Carolyn


Words of wisdom from a wise woman. Thanks for sharing your insights.


How true, Carolyn. When I am humorless, I become really aware that I am no longer on Holidays! I am still amazed to find old unconscious patterns of dogma interferring with my karma. Joy & blessings, Kate


Never underestimate the power of friends! Especially women friends…and the permission they give me to be me. Love, ease & grace, Kate

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