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I realize I didn’t mention that I am one of the people interviewed for this Search For Sustainability Series! That might interest you in this a bit more since I am also the Urban Forager in Denver. I am particular to Episode 6, however all of these videos are outstanding! It’s still free – so watch #6 before 9 pm EST Saturday (tomorrow)

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There’s been a lot of talk about being green, eating better, and generally doing better for ourselves and the planet. There also seems to be a lot of confusion around what this means. It’s so difficult to explain, because there are so many parts of this puzzle of sustainability.

Finally, though, there is a brand new 12 part series coming out that will certainly introduce us to some of the most passionate and knowledgeable sustainability ‘geeks’! The Search For Sustainability is a fascinating look at the many faces of sustaining ourselves, our families, and the beloved Planet Earth. So sign yourself up and have an absorbing look at what IS possible, right here at home! This little series could give you what you need to know next about sustainable living right now!

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What Grandmother Knew About Colds & Flu

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We are experiencing another serious flu and cold season here in Colorado. Colds have been holding on for weeks and the flu is totally debilitating. My Grandson has been in the hospital with RSV and family and friends are suffering with really profound cold/flu symptoms. So I’ve been asked what I do. Remembering what my Mother did puts me in touch with my Grandmother as well. Seems like some of these ways of handling colds and flu might be helpful to others, so here’s some suggestions.

Colds and flu are different. So the very first thing is to take one of the homeopathic flu remedies since homeopathic remedies have been proven to lessen or stop flu when nothing else does. The remedy that is the most common is Oscillococinum (ah-sill-oh-co-sin-um). Don’t wait until you decide if it is the flu or a cold or it will be too late. Just take it! If it is a cold, the symptoms will also be lessened by taking a homeopathic medicine.

Remember the old expression “Feed a cold; starve a fever”? This is not really the whole expression as I understand it. It was “If you feed a cold, you’ll have to starve a fever.” So change your eating habits as soon as the first symptoms appear. For a cold, eat lightly of very healthy foods more often. Focus on broths with rice and a few veggies like winter squash and greens; green drinks and pure juices with no added sugar (or worse yet artificial sweeteners); honey; herbal teas or green tea with ginseng and honey; and half your body weight in ounces of pure water to help flush out the germs. If there is a mucus build up, eliminate all dairy and wheat as these will increase the mucus secretions. [Yeah, I know it’s hard, just try it anyway. You can do anything for a week, right?]

The other supporters for your healing process are good for both colds and flu. I use zinc lozenges with vitamin C and/or echinacea and elderberry; fresh citrus fruits; traditional healing teas for the symptoms present; homeopathics that also address your symptoms; and a Neti pot with the special sea salt that doesn’t hurt your nose and sinuses. If you don’t use a Neti pot, use a saline spray; I particularly like the one with Xylitol. Rest, rest, rest even if you have to just let everything go, and use a hot or cold vaporizer next to your bed! Other good additions to this regime are garlic capsules 4x/day (600 mg per dose), high B 100 mg sustained release, and emergen-C.

For the flu, you have to be even more aware that you must take care of yourself!!! If the Oscillococinum didn’t nip it in the bud, get the homeopathic from Boiron (the blue tube) called influenzinum. It’s for the effects of flu or flu like symptoms, and it really works! Now is the time to fast. That means get containers of organic broths or have someone make good hardy broth (recipe in next blog), and don’t give your body anything it has to digest until you are good and truly hungry with stomach rumblings! Honey, herb teas, broths, barley water, fresh juices, and pure water! A liquid fast is a better way to put it. Consume as much as you want, as often as you want to. You won’t be hungry until your body is ready for actual food. Then have a really ripe banana, add rice and greens to the soup, have a boiled egg, eat live cultured products (yogurt, kefir, kombucha that say active, live culture on it) and stay away from processed foods, refined foods, and especially refined sugar! Want sweets? Have honey and pure maple syrup, pure fruit juices and coconut water. Refined sugar is known to suppress your immune system by up to 90% for 4 hours after you eat it. That lets the germs regain their foothold and can lead to a relapse.

Last, but not least, STAY HOME! No one else wants it, you will just prolong the agony, and it will be much more dangerous and costly for you to go out. Sleep all day except when you are drinking, peeing, or clearing out your head. Stay warm! And get someone to support you in this process. Yes, you do need help!

One last thing – the differences between Western medicines and herbs, and homeopathic medicines is this (in terms of taking them): take the homeopathic medicine every 30 minutes until the symptoms diminish or are gone; then take them a couple of times a day or as soon as a symptom returns. With Western Medicines, follow what the prescription or pharmacist says. If this includes antibiotics, take the whole perscription and lots of probiotics to repopulate your intestines!

Send me your other remedies and suggestions so we can post them here also. Thanks and be well!