A Puzzle


Today is Palm Sunday in the western Christian world. Last night I saw a movie: Oh My God which asked the question “Who/what is God?” to hundreds of people of various religions and no religion in many countries around the world. It was a fascinating exploration of the teachings, feelings and thoughts of the concept of God in our world. Jerusalem was one of the places where many people were asked this question.

Although there were a few radical examples of  ‘my way or the highway’  from each of the three major religions that claim Jerusalem as their Holy City, most of the faithful wanted peace and a sharing of this Holy place. This surprised the film maker, and the audience! Could peace actually break out if it was left to the common person? Could there be common accord and sharing around this sacred site?

During the service today, I started to think about the strangeness of having a Holy place claimed by Jews, Christians and Muslims alike – in fact fought over by these three great religions that are all based on the same commandments! What was God thinking???

Maybe the answer is in that question; maybe this is one of the Great Teachings of all time. If each of these three religions were to actually follow the ten Commandments as they are, there would be love, sharing, tolerance, and peace would indeed break out. Maybe the reason there is one common Holy Place for all three is to have this be a teaching of how we can all get along and share the very things that are sacred to us all!

This amazing journey on Planet Earth includes paths for each and every one of us, all different in content, all the same in desire and ultimate outcome; all sacred.  We all want want a full heart, a smile on our faces, a deep sense of doing life well; we want to know we are safe, and supported with love; we want to feel all the power of gratitude and joy in our lives. Is it possible that ultimately the Highest Good is served and we are all uplifted when we are given the hardest lessons and still get through them with our heart intact?

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