Basking In The Sun



Cats in the Spring time basking in the sun; tulips and daffodils basking in the sun; and the dark, damp earth also basking, warming, sometimes steaming in the sunshine. Me, too. I can feel myself relaxing deep into my bones as the chill of winter easily slips away. Practicing Yoga, sitting in silence, grinning from ear to ear I bask in the Spring sun. As often as possible. Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h

From Grandmother and Grandfather on down the line,  I have watched my family greet the new day, especially in Spring. Some sniffed the breeze, turning to face the flow and catch all the fragrances in the air. Others gazed at the sky first, wanting to see in all directions, gauging the flow of the day by reading the clouds (or lack of) including color, shape, size, movement and the color of the sky as well. How the animals acted, how the air looked and felt, and how sound changed and carried through it. All of this was done with delight!  All of this was part of starting the day and ending it as well.

All of my Grandmothers and Aunts and Mother knew how to ‘bliss out’ in the sunshine, some just sitting on a bench or a wall or a rock in the garden. And some in a rocking chair with a bit of handwork in their lap forgotten in the bliss of basking in the sun. It is amazing how much good it does to relax into a moment like that – instantly ‘NOW’. Um-m-m-m-mm

It occurs to me how much I learn just by smelling the wind. I’ve wondered how much was actually passed on to my children since we were not on a farm anymore. Then when I moved to Denver, my youngest daughter (who had lived here a decade) told me that when I smell cow manure it’s Greely and it’s going to snow.

 The more awareness you can bring to each moment, the more Nature speaks to you. Listen, taste, touch, smell, feel and sense your environment and yourself. Whatever piece of Earth you live on, urban, suburban or rural, She loves to be greeted and ‘read’. There is so much information held there and it’s never the same any more than you can dip your hand in the same river twice.

There is deep wisdom in basking in the sun, smelling the breezes, looking at the sky and being aware of the phrases of the moon. When all other communications are messed up, there is truth in it. If all the animals are running for high ground, go with them as fast as you can. Know where the closest piece of open ground is, especially in a city. Go stand there and grow roots once in a while.

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