Being Who You Are


Since childhood I’ve had this idea about fitting in, just being enough like everyone else that I felt a part of the group. This idea brings all sorts of angst into play just by being around others. Whatever I was just didn’t seem ‘good enough’. Teenage years were particularly frought with rampant anxiety about being one of the crowd – not standing out for God’s sake!

Now I have come to an entirely different understanding. It is not my job to conform. It is counterproductive in fact. Exhibiting gentle (or vigorous) diversity is part of the privilege of our status as Grandmothers and a necessary, life affirming attribute to model for younger people. We can shed the constraints of society and custom; we no longer need to waste time either feeling out of it or with it. Now the mantle of authenticity rests on our shoulders. It is time to be who we truely are in all of the many ways that our life has taught us is good. It is time to show others that no matter what has happened during our long lives we can still rise above it. It is time to show a kinder more forgiving heart and a true focus on integrity, honesty, and love – for ourself and others.

 Aging brings with it the ability to be a light of simplicity, honor, and truth in our world if we want to be, shedding all the uncomfortable ‘girdles’ of the past. Now showing our wisdom and our authentic self  is  truely important. Taking delight in our own unique expression of being human is vital. In fact our Grandchildren depend on it!



Such great wisdom, Kate. Thanks for sharing!


What a wonderful article Kate. The words offer support and clarity. The message is a call to action. Thank you Kate for your inspiration.

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