Early Spring Tune-up



Today I noticed under the old dead parsley leaves new sprouts emerging! What a blessing in the Spring to be able to have fresh young greens in our diet again. This reminded me of a simple and flavorful drink to tone up the digestive system especially in the Spring.  First thing in the morning squeeze the juice of a lemon into a mug, add a few sprigs of fresh parsley and a teaspoon of honey (local raw honey is best) then fill the mug with boiling water. Allow this to steep for a few minutes until a lovely green color is apparent, remove the parsley, squeezing out the juices into the mug, and enjoy. If you have some fresh mint a few leaves will add a wonderful flavor and if you don’t have lemon, a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar is a good substitute. After the Winter the digestive system is sluggish with heavy foods and being indoors so a Spring tonic always helps invigorate our bodies for a new season. Other tonics for Spring use the first leaves of the Dandelion and/or Sorrel (Oxalis, Sour Grass). I think it is the chlorophyll as much as anything! If no other source of fresh greens is readily available, start sprouts to eat and increase your exercise. I prefer these tonics to cod liver oil, another old favorite. What Spring tonic did your Grandmother use?



Hi there, I just loved this site. I remember many of the things you talked about, but not fully. Thanks for filling in the blanks. I am going to print them out and make myself natural healing booklet!! Great work. Barbara


I really do love reading all of your comments. You have a great memory for the things that you learned as a child. Boy, did you ever pay attention. I also think that you had such a rich childhood in so many ways. I think that having relatives from the Smokey Mountains and your mom being from there to carry on all the old traditions really helped. I feel like I am in a time long ago and far away when I read some of your things and I love it. I’ve always been interested in alternative lifestyles and time travel. So reading this gives me a bit of each of them. Love you Kate, B


also wanted to comment on how much you have grown this site. Great work!!!!

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