Making A Difference


Sometimes it’s difficult to know what to do first, or how to go about making a difference in the world. It has become increasingly obvious that we all need to do something to help out – especially since it feels like the old programs that run our world have gone berserk – are totally out of control. Making a difference is seen as such a daunting task I wanted to bring it down to the level of do-able by anyone.

First of all turn off the news. You will hear anything you need to hear without being plugged into every dreary bit. There is nothing even-handed or real about the news. It is all sorted by persons whose agenda has to do with selling, not informing. It is a depressing illusion which saps my emotional strength creating an atmosphere internally of hopelessness/helplessness and horror.It creates mass hypnosis and mind lock.

Second, grab a good attitude for yourself. Work on this all the time by deliberately focusing on whatever creates inner peace, joy, and love. There have been times in my life when I had to refer to a list on the door of the refrigerator to remind myself of the things I’m grateful for. Let me tell you though, it’s worth it! You can start with being grateful for a hot shower and a meal on the table; a  roof over your head and a bed to sleep in; sight, hearing and legs to carry you from here to there. Sunshine, bird song, and the changing seasons.

Practice sending out the light of human kindness to your little neighborhood.  See your own home as being a light on the block where you live. See your whole property surrounded by a globe of light, a welcoming, safe, and friendly atmosphere that draws to it more of the same vibration. An interesting phenomenon has happened in every place I’ve lived. I have been practicing this golden globe of human kindness for decades now and the crime statistics in my neighborhood have dropped everywhere I’ve lived. I start with my home and then slowly day by day increase the field of influence to include the whole neighborhood.

Here is a small thing you can do that does make a difference. It attracts kindness and appreciation for others. It improves the neighborhood. The more each of us focuses on kind thoughts about others, openly admiring what others do and say that is admirable, appreciating the little things that affect our lives positively and saying kind and helpful things to strangers, the more this spreads to the rest of the community. It has been shown by research that one genuine smile given to another will change the day of hundreds of people you have never met. It gets passed on faster than a virus in winter!

So smile at strangers. Think kind thoughts. Pass on goodness. Place a golden ball of loving energy around you, your home and finally your neighborhood. When you wake, start the day with five good words (like love, joy, abundance, peace, & gratitude). Have your last thoughts at night be ones of appreciation for the love around you and what you do have. If you can awaken with a smile on your lips and go to sleep with a song in your heart the world will be a better place to live in for sure.

Go there; do that. Live well. We are changing the world for the better with this positive intention. You can bet on it!



Awesome words of encouragement and instruction. I bookmarked this page to refer back to. Thank you with a smile!

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